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Leap of faith


For the past 6 weeks I've watched Oona stand at the fence line and watch the other horses while they're out in the field. She'll come over to greet me when I come out but she always goes back to staring at the herd. This week I decided to trust that she would come back in for dinner with the rest of the horses.

We walked out into the field and I took her lead rope off. She walked around checking things out for a few minutes before she realized she was free. It was about the same time that Dagda realized she was actually in the field with him. The next 10 minutes was a stampede of horses running laps around the field.

When I bring the horses in for the night they're usually standing at the gate waiting for me to open it and let them in. Oona was patiently waiting with the boys. She walked right in like she's done it every day.

Today will be the third day she gets to go out with the herd. Yesterday, I went out to refill waters and check the hotwire and she followed me around just like she did in the small paddock. We went through the same motions of her touching my hand and then turning her head to let me know which side of her neck she would allow me to touch. I was concerned that she would play hard to get out in a larger field with other horses. My plan was to be patient with her and let her come to me and she did. The process is long and slow but we're getting there.


Purchase Price - $357.50

Blanket - $121.32

Supplements - $78.81

Supplements - $85

Total - $642.63*

Estimated Total - $1642.63

*I wish this number could show more of the "true cost" but that's impossible to calculate. This number doesn't include the cost of hay and board because she's at my house and all of the horses eat the same hay. It also doesn't include my time spent although once she's further along I'll start to add in training costs. The estimated total includes an estimated $500/month board.


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