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The People Behind the Scenes



I've been horse crazy for as long as I can remember but when my mom bought me my first horse for my 13th birthday it was all over.  After I moved away from home I was missing horses like crazy but wasn't in a position to own my own again so I started volunteering at a Mustang rescue.  It really opened my eyes to the number of horses that get "thrown away" because they're not fully trained or have a behavioral problem.  I just want to give them the best chance at finding their forever home as I can.



I've been around horses my entire life. Starting in 4-H when I was nine, I began to get serious about horses.  I followed my older sisters' examples, trying to find my own way of training.  When I won a free breeding for our mare to an amazing stallion, I started doing my research.  In 2013 I got my first horse - Snapdragon. She and I have been through many adventures, ups and downs, and she made me realize that I want to help all horses, not just my own.  I want everyone to have a relationship with their horse, and every horse with their human.

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