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8 year old, 14.2hh, Andalusian cross mare

You can follow along with her training on our blog.  She was purchased at an auction from a seller who had purchased her from a kill pen.  This little mare tries so hard but she's also starting from a very skittish and untrusting place.  

The goal for her training is to gain her trust and get her started under saddle.  I want to give her the best chances at finding the perfect life so she never finds herself back in her previous situation.




10 year old, 14.2hh, QH mare

Georgie has been sitting in a back yard for the past 4 years and her life before that is mostly guesses.  She's an incredibly sweet mare who enjoys being around people.  Within the first week she changed so much.  She was jumpy and untrusting and she has now warmed up so much.  She will tell you if she's nervous or scared of something and if you have the patience to help her through it she will follow where you lead.  

Georgie has obviously been saddled at some point in the past and probably ridden as well.  She's being restarted from the ground up so that she' retains her sweet and trusting nature under saddle as well as on the ground. 

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