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Horse history

DAY 4...

The internet can be an extremely helpful way to find out more information about any number of things. With the horse world as small and connected as it is, finding out about a horse's history can sometimes be easy.

I posted her picture and information and people started sending me messages all day yesterday. I'll never have her whole story because she was purchased from a feedlot in the beginning of fall by a family to be their son's project/trail horse. They took a chance on buying a horse from a kill pen and not knowing what they were going to get. She needs way more work than they were willing or able to give to her, so she ended up at the auction.

It's possible that she was used as a broodmare, but I'll never know that part of her story. She's obviously been handled but I doubt that it was for more than the basic necessities. She is very wary of people further back than her shoulder or on her right side. Her feet are long and I don't know if she's ever seen a farrier. I don't know that she's ever worn a blanket because the process of putting something up and over her back was terrifying for her.

While I was talking to people online getting as much of her story as I could, several of them asked me if I was going to just sell her because she "wasn't what I bought." I made a comment to someone about not knowing why she ended up at auction and they replied with "Probably cuz it's a low-end slaughter horse." I understand why people say these things but I bought her knowing that I was going to have to put a lot of work into her. If you're in the market for a horse make sure you know what you're buying. If you want/need a beginner safe horse you may have to pay a lot for your unicorn. Don't get sucked into buying a cheap horse that "just needs a refresher" and expect to hit the horse jackpot. Sometimes it happens but it's rare.


Purchase Price - $357.50

Blanket - $121.32

Total - $478.82


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